Electronic Access Control

The Access Control sector has an extremely large selection of systems to choose from and it is becoming more and more difficult for end users to assess the market place, the products available and a solution that best meets their needs. The choice of systems ranges from simple stand alone door entry to networked multi-site, multi-administrator systems integrated with Cashless Vending, CCTV, Photo ID, Car Park Management and Dual Server Redundancy, to name just a few.

There are many benefits to installing an access control system including:
- Site Protection / Personnel Protection
- Asset Protection
- Restriction of Staff/Visitor Movement through specific doors
- Fire Roll Call and Mustering
- Electronic Notification of Unauthorised Access
- Guard Tour Verification
- Use of Biometrics for enhanced protection of high security areas
- Car Park Management
- CCTV Integration
- Car Sharing Scheme Enforcement
- Enhanced Reporting
- Visitor Management
- Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC)

By utilizing the very best in Access Control System Specialists, Monatrix has an extensive knowledge of the range of equipment available, the features/benefits that can be offered and can assist you through each stage of your system design and implementation.

We can provide you with advice as to the best equipment to use, whether it’s a completely new installation at the design and build stage, or an upgrade of your existing system. There are also a large number of other issues that Monatrix can assist you with including, System Types and Reader/Card Compatibility and the Migration of an existing card holder database from an old system to a new one.

As an independent systems integrator we are not tied to any one particular manufacturer/developer. This ensures that we keep up with industry advancements. However, we also maintain our core belief (To Specialise), which involves developing and maintaining sound business partnerships. That is why we select “key industry partners” within each product sector to guarantee software and hardware support over the life-cycle of the product (and beyond). This, we believe, creates true value and return on investment for you, the end-user.
Physical Access Control

In addition to the electronic or logical access control, Monatrix can provide a comprehensive solution thus owning all aspects of the installation from supply right through to full commissioning and training. We therefore offer a range of physical access control measures to integrate with your electronic access control system including:

- Internal and External Turnstiles
- Car Park/Vehicle Barriers
- Rising Bollards
- Electric Gates
- Roller Shutters
Tyco/Software House Partnership

Tyco/Software House offer their range of C-Cure 800/8000 & C-Cure 9000 Access Control products under a Partnership Program to ensure that their systems are installed, maintained and serviced by approved integrators who have a complete understanding of the systems and software.
Monatrix, as an Advanced C-Cure Partner, fully understands the importance of the program especially when considering the developments and software upgrades that are constantly being rolled out throughout the C-Cure range. By implementing continuous training schedules our engineers maintain the highest of levels of knowledge that Tyco/Software House can offer.
We have numerous customers already receiving a very specialist C-Cure service, which we believe is second to none. We have installed and now maintain a vast range of systems from the smallest stand alone systems to one of the largest multiple site installations in the country.
Monatrix can also offer a migration service, with engineers experienced in successfully migrating the largest Enterprise C-Cure 800 system in the UK, to the latest C-Cure 9000 software with a full database conversion and dual server redundancy.
Tyco/Software House offers a range of systems to meet any site’s needs and as one of their specialist partners, we would be happy to advise you on the best solutions and products to meet your specific requirements.
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