Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) allows you to enhance your security and management systems by logging, identifying and controlling vehicles.
By utilising specialist capture cameras ANPR automatically logs all vehicles passing in the camera's field of view. The identification of a vehicle combined with the Intelligent Monitoring Software can allow the system to carry out numerous activities including:
- Access Control to Car Parks
- Alert Staff to Vehicles of Interest
- Increased Gatehouse Efficiency
- Output Messages to LED Signs
- Increase Speed of Access Through Barriers
- Management of Chargeable Parking Areas or Tolls
Many companies and organisations are now realising that the management of Car Parks is an extremely important issue when they consider the increasing number of vehicles on our roads and the restricted number of parking spaces available.
If you are managing a Public Car Park, Parking for Employees, an Hotel or any car park with Pay and Display parking the integration of ANPR and Vehicle Management Software can greatly improve the efficiency of the car park.
- Capacity Levels can be monitored and controlled
- Car Park Charges can be confirmed or automatically billed
- Pre-paid parking can be authorised
- Car Sharing can be implemented and monitored
- Available parking is used more effectively
- Car park security levels are increased
- Car park revenue is protected
- Parking Charge Avoidance is prevented