The CCTV market place has seen enormous technical developments over recent years. There is now more choice than ever when looking at a possible solution to meet your specific requirements. There may also be a solution available that you were not even aware existed.
Monatrix can offer advice, system design, installation and services on all types of commercial CCTV systems both large and small. Some of the many system features available include:
- Analogue and IP Systems
- Megapixel Cameras
- Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
- Point of Sale Exception Monitoring
- CCTV System Management
- DVRs and NVRs
- Video Analytics
- ID Recognition
- CCTV Integration
- Remote Monitoring
- Disaster Recovery Back Ups
Today CCTV systems are not just being used for security purposes, but have also become very effective management tools. With the integration of CCTV and so many other systems, a complete security package can significantly reduce the operating expenditure of any business.
With the ever increasing choice and technical advancements in this market place it is now more important than ever to receive the correct advice. Our specialist teams and market sector specific departments ensure that we are always aware of the systems that are being offered and developed. By utilising years of extensive knowledge we can advise you on the best possible solutions and services available to meet every individual’s requirements and much more.
Analogue and Networked IP Systems

Are you looking to:
- Install a completely new CCTV system?
- Upgrade an existing system?
- Install additional cameras or CCTV equipment?

Should you be installing an Analogue or a networked IP solution?
........OR BOTH?
If you already have an analogue system in place this can become part of a networked system.

Analogue cameras can be connected to IP networks and recorded by Network Digital Recorders (NVRs). Analogue recorders can be connected to IP networks and viewed, monitored and reviewed alongside NVRs and IP cameras from the same user interface.

Analogue equipment still plays a very large role in many of the system solutions installed today, as these systems can still be far more cost effective, especially when new networks are required or existing cameras need to be utilised. The latest cameras offer far greater image quality and recording systems are still being improved upon with more features, higher record rates than ever before and larger hard drives for storage. Hybrid systems can also be a great starting point for an IP solution, as they allow you to record analogue and IP cameras together on the same recorder.

Networked IP systems offer end users the ability to monitor, review and record video over Internet Protocol (IP) Networks, such as LANs, WANs and the Internet. The flexibility of these systems and the numerous options available are immense, which will mean that planning and system design are critical to ensure a successful implementation.

Networked IP solutions benefits include:
- The widest range of cameras including Analogue, IP and Megapixel
- Multiple System Design Options
- Remote Access
- Multiple Signalling
- Intelligent Signalling
- Implementation of Systems with Algorithms
(People Counting, Video Analytics etc.)
- Cost Effectiveness
- Enhanced System Integration
- Expandability
Remote Monitoring

Integrated Security Systems are becoming ever more powerful to end users. Improving companies' security, protecting and enhancing profits and increasing efficiencies in a multitude of management procedures.

The monitoring of security systems has long been associated with Alarm Monitoring Stations and Intruder Alarm Systems in general. With the increase in IP networked security systems, Remote Monitoring, with its’ numerous advantages and benefits, can now significantly increase the effectiveness of your systems.

All Integrated systems including CCTV, Access Control and Alarm Systems can be monitored by third parties, in-house departments or multiple operators. In a multiple site application, one control room could monitor, control and operate all sites from one user interface significantly reducing operating costs.

Alarm activations, from any integrated system, can be confirmed with images from the CCTV system reducing false alarms and chargeable responses, from the alarm system for example. Any alarms that are confirmed, will be responded to more effectively, due to the visual confirmation. Furthermore other systems on site can be instantly activated by the remote operator to assist in dealing with the alarm and fulfilling procedures more effectively.

By working closely with our partners Monatrix can offer a Complete Remote Monitoring Solution, from the installation of the integrated system components to the services of an accredited monitoring station.
Video Analytics

The data captured by CCTV systems was previously seen as video footage that could be monitored, stored and reviewed. Video Analytics now allows security systems to become Intelligent by using the data analysis software.

Existing CCTV systems can be upgraded to offer Video Analytics and completely new systems can be designed to fulfill requirements that had previously been unthinkable within the scope of a CCTV system.

Systems can now automatically identify people, track individuals’ movements, monitor unusual or specific behaviour patterns, count the number of individuals at one position and the time spent at that position.

The systems can be programmed to activate alternative integrated systems, for example:

A retail store monitors traffic outside its main doors and alarms can be raised if a vehicle remains parked at the front of the store for more than 30 seconds. In a retail store the number of people entering and leaving the store can be monitored. The percentage of individuals stopping at promotional displays can be calculated against the people entering the store. If the number of people in the store increases dramatically the system can check to ensure there are enough checkout staff ready to receive them. The number of people queuing at the checkout can be monitored and if need be the system can automatically respond alerting the management that they need to resolve the imminent service issue.

This is just one retail example of the potential and creativity Video Analytics can offer end users. Some of the issues you are trying to resolve might not make you think of CCTV but at Monatrix we may have the solution you are looking for with Video Analytics.
Point of Sale Monitoring

Any business that uses point of sale terminals has a very large security risk through fraudulent activity or physical theft.

CCTV systems have been used to overview these positions to try and reduce this area of theft but there has always been one very important issue missing from the overall solution:

Is the transaction that we see happening actually being recorded properly on the terminal itself ?

A transaction can look as though everything happened correctly but it may have been keyed in incorrectly or cancelled altogether. Point of sale monitoring allows the terminal information to be displayed and recorded on the CCTV footage as the transaction happens, ensuring that every detail of the transaction is stored.

Point of Sale monitoring can also act intelligently alarming on incorrect cash values against items or refunds/void transaction. A report can be requested allowing you to look for trends or patterns of transactions, which may indicate fraudulent activity.

Reviewing recorded CCTV footage by ‘Transaction Type Only” can also have a number of benefits especially on the length of time taken to carry out the review.

Point of Sale Monitoring can start as a one terminal system and there are no limits to the number of terminals that can be monitored. This system can significantly reduce theft and shrinkage and is easily justifiable as it can save more than it costs.