With the vast range of products available it can be extremely difficult to evaluate what will actually fulfil your requirements. For example within the CCTV sector we are constantly reviewing specifications that state, “The Digital Recording System must store a months’ worth of recorded images” and does not state any more detail. All recording systems can provide this but all at different capture rates and with different image resolution settings. This will result in any number of systems being proposed and more importantly, at very different prices.
Will any of the systems proposed actually provide you with the system you were expecting or required?
Monatrix believe in providing you with advice about the products and solutions available when designing a new system. We can also review existing systems, across a nationwide estate if required, compiling a full report with recommendations on how the systems can be improved.
Not only do we have specialists in each security sector Monatrix have designers who have specialised in specific industries and markets giving them a greater understanding of the issues you have. An hotel will require a different solution when compared to a distribution centre.
We believe our knowledge and understanding of the equipment on offer and the solutions available are second to none. Monatrix: Successfully providing the Right Solutions to the Right Problems.