Monatrix take customer service extremely seriously and we continually monitor our systems and processes. We have installed a security specific operating platform, which enables us to project manage and fulfil any size of installation or maintenance agreement, anywhere in the UK, from enquiry to completion with fully audited records. This system ensures continuity in our systems, instant access to all communications and documents and more importantly peace of mind for our customers.
Although we have a very focused approach to service we still believe our customers should remain as individuals, you will never become an account number to Monatrix and you will never have to speak to an automated system. All our staff are committed to answering your queries or requests and ensuring that there is constant communications, with you, throughout.
Monatrix believes that it is important that we have focused teams and departments specialising in specific market sectors. Many of our competitors have engineers that work on numerous products and this results in only a general understanding of the systems they are trying to install and maintain.
By specialising in specific security sectors our engineers have a greater understanding of the products within those sectors. With this knowledge and our detailed and itemised understanding of the systems we are maintaining, when a customer logs a ‘call out’ we know the product and item that is at fault and can ensure the correct engineer attends to the call, with the correct equipment that may be required.
This service allows us to resolve many issues on the first visit, we are not just trying to meet call out times, with ‘any’ engineer, to fulfil the contract terms. We believe it is more important for customers to have an issue resolved as quickly as possible and have a system fully operational again.
“You will no longer have an Alarm engineer confirming your report, that CCTV or Access Control equipment has failed and leaving you wondering when they are going to return to fix it.”
We offer a wide range of service agreements and can also ‘Tailor Make’ agreements for specific needs. Our comprehensive agreements are FULLY comprehensive, including hard drives!
Please contact us for more details and prices.