How We Do It

As a turnkey provider of integrated security solutions, the Monatrix approach typically entails a Ten stage approach to all projects. Not only are we methodical, but we are thorough. The relative importance of electronic security to a business, means that only the most rigorous of approaches is good enough.
Our business is a team focussed effort and every client reaches a specific touchpoint in our business. This collaborative approach to creation and delivery means that every project receives the widest scope of thought and involvement and ensures that we deliver success.

Survey and Discovery


Specify and Design

Demonstrate and Refine

Planning and Management


Technical Submission and Approval

Delivery and Installation

Test & Amend



Sign Off and Handover

Service and Maintenance

Design and Delivery

At Monatrix we believe in providing you with expert advice about the products and solutions available when designing a new system. We can also review existing systems, across a nationwide estate if required, compiling a full report with recommendations on how the systems can be improved.

Not only do we have specialists in each security sector Monatrix have designers who have specialised in specific industries and markets giving them a greater understanding of the issues you have. Hotels, for example will require a different solution when compared to a distribution centre.

We believe our knowledge and understanding of the equipment on offer and the solutions available are second to none.

We understand what our clients require and we have the intellectual and technical skills to deliver this. This means that our clients receive the right services and support, every time. The experience, aptitude and skills from our engineering team ensures that we provide a methodical and planned installation that delivers to the highest standards. We are proud in ensuring our team maintains the highest skill levels within the industry through our rigorous recruitment and training process. Many of our installation and technical engineers are industry certified, as well as having considerable years of “in field” experience. These attributes are through years of experience in the industry, serving and supporting our clients.

We plan and deliver the right solution, every time and on time.

Service and Maintenance

Service excellence and proactivity in our approach to support is the cornerstone of our aftersales business. We have installed a dedicated management operating platform, which enables us to project manage and fulfil any size of installation or maintenance agreement, anywhere in the UK, from enquiry to completion with fully audited records. This system ensures continuity in our systems, instant access to all communications and documents and more importantly peace of mind for our customers.

Although we have a very focused approach to service, we still treat our customers as individuals, and we know them by name. You will never become an account number at Monatrix, and you will never have to speak to an automated system. All our staff are committed to answering your queries or requests and ensuring that there is constant communications, with you, throughout.

Monatrix believes that it is important that we have focused teams and departments specialising in specific market sectors. Many of our competitors have engineers that work on numerous products and this results in only a general understanding of the systems they are trying to install and maintain.

By specialising in specific security sectors our engineers have a greater understanding of the products within those sectors. With this knowledge and our detailed and itemised understanding of the systems we are maintaining, when a customer logs a ‘call out’ we know the product and item that is at fault and can ensure the correct engineer attends to the call, with the correct equipment that may be required.

This service allows us to resolve many issues on the first visit, we are not just trying to meet call out times, with ‘any’ engineer, to fulfil the contract terms. We believe it is more important for customers to have an issue resolved as quickly as possible and have a system fully operational again.

We offer a wide range of service arrangements for our clients. We will address your individual needs and create a dedicated support programme that ensures your security environment is maximized and remains trouble free.


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