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The Integrated Security Industry today has very few specialists. At Monatrix we believe there are far too many ‘Security Companies’ that over time have become ‘Jack of All Trades’, offering numerous products and services with only a general understanding of each discipline.

To enable us to supply a unique Nationwide service within our industry, Monatrix has developed specific market sector departments. Each department has specialists with the knowledge of the extensive range of equipment available, the features/benefits on offer and installation and service teams working in a targeted sector.

Monatrix offers an unrivalled service through individuals who excel in their specific fields and by working closely with manufacturers, suppliers and partners we can ensure that Monatrix remains one of the UK’s leading Security Specialists providing professional, effective solutions and service before, during and after any installation.

As a ‘Systems House’ we are not tied to any specific manufacturer or product and believe we can provide you with the best possible advice on the equipment that will best meet your specific requirements however large or small.

Our core product disciplines in Integrated Security Solutions, CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Detection are comprehensively supported before, throughout and beyond the scope of every project. We design, install and support a wide range of solutions from leading manufacturers.

Our aftersales programme is second to none and provides complete package of aftersales support to deliver peace of mind for our clients. From preventative maintenance visits to reactive emergency callouts and SLS based remote and on-site support, maintaining and supporting your electronic security is what we do.

Cloud-Based System

Security systems have come a long way from the old “Analogue” days. Video Surveillance, Access Control and even, Intruder Detection systems are now going cloud-based. Monatrix has partnered with some of the most innovative and technologically advanced manufacturers of Cloud-Based Security Systems. These security systems offer a wide range of benefits including:

  • Centralised remote access to all footage
  • Real-time alerting through mobile apps
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Increased cyber security
  • Simple and non-intrusive installation
  • Quality resolution
  • Space-saving
  • Fully Integrated

Ensuring a safe and secure site and putting your mind at ease!

Integrated Security Systems

Across multiple industries and often bespoke in nature, we address a wide range of client requirements to deliver end to end electronic security systems. Often the main technologies involved will be based on CCTV, Access Control, Automatic Numberplate Recognition (ANPR) and Intruder Detection. As well as individual product solutions, these can also be fully Integrated together into one centrally managed integrated solution.

Monatrix has the expertise, experience and product/systems knowledge to design solutions specifically for your needs and invariably will have prior knowledge of existing security systems for your business sector. We can therefore advise you based on our knowledge of your industry best practice.

Monatrix has delivered many large scale integrated security installations throughout the UK and across many market sectors including, Utilities, Medical, Education, Distribution and Retail.


The CCTV sector has seen enormous technical developments over recent years through the emergence of digital environments. There is now more choice than ever when looking at a possible solution to meet your specific requirements. There may also be a solution available that you were not even aware existed.

Monatrix can offer advice, system design, installation and services on all types of commercial CCTV systems both large and small. Some of the many system features available include:

– Analogue and IP Systems
– Megapixel Cameras
– Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
– Point of Sale Exception Monitoring
– CCTV System Management
– DVRs and NVRs
– Video Analytics
– ID Recognition
– CCTV Integration
– Remote Monitoring
– Disaster Recovery Back Ups

Today CCTV systems are not just being used for security purposes, but have also become very effective management tools. With the integration of CCTV and so many other systems, a complete security package can significantly reduce the operating expenditure of any business.

With the ever increasing choice and technical advancements in this market place it is now more important than ever to receive the correct advice. Our specialist teams and market sector specific departments ensure that we are always aware of the systems that are being offered and developed. By utilising years of extensive knowledge we can advise you on the best possible solutions and services available to meet every individual’s requirements and much more.

Access Control

The Access Control sector has an extremely large selection of systems to choose from and it is becoming more and more difficult for end users to assess the market place, the products available and a solution that best meets their needs. The choice of systems ranges from simple stand alone door entry to networked multi-site, multi-administrator systems integrated with Cashless Vending, CCTV, Photo ID, Car Park Management and Dual Server Redundancy, to name just a few.

By utilising the very best Access Control System Specialists, Monatrix has an extensive knowledge of the range of equipment available, the features/benefits that can be offered and can assist you through each stage of your system design and implementation.

– Traditional card access systems
– Biometrics
– Turnstiles
– Vehicle barriers etc
– Temperature Screening

We can provide you with advice as to the best equipment to use, whether it’s a completely new installation at the design and build stage, or an upgrade of your existing system. There are also a large number of other issues that Monatrix can assist you with including, System Types and Reader/Card Compatibility and the Migration of an existing card holder database from an old system to a new one.

As an independent systems integrator we are not tied to any one particular manufacturer/developer. This ensures that we keep up with industry advancements.

Intruder Detection

Intruder Detection Systems are critical to the security of buildings, assets and people. Monatrix is able to provide a complete solution to manage intruder detection, which also includes local and remote monitoring and automatic response management services.

Usually integrated within an overall electronic security solution, the deployment of an intruder detection system provides the first and final layer of protection to buildings, assets and people.

This critical component can not only deter attempted breaches, but prevent significant loss and damage to buildings and environments.

Service & maintenance

Security systems are a crucial part of protecting your business, or property. But without regular maintenance and servicing, you may not be getting the most out of your security system. Regular maintenance can help protect your security investment by ensuring that all components are working properly and that any potential threats can be identified and addressed quickly. Through regular inspections and repairs, you can ensure that your security cameras, access control systems, IDS and other security investments will continue to provide reliable protection for years to come.

Planned Preventative maintenance plans can be a great way to save money in the long run. With regular maintenance and repair of CCTV cameras, access control equipment, and IDS, businesses can reduce their repair costs and increase the lifespan of their equipment. PPM’s can also provide extra benefits such as remote monitoring and troubleshooting services that can help businesses save time and money when dealing with system malfunctions. Additionally, these plans offer cost savings by providing discounts on parts, labour costs, and other related expenses. By investing in a professional system maintenance plan carried out by Monatrix engineers, businesses can ensure that their security systems are running efficiently while saving money in the process.


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