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4* hotel Botley Park is a luxury hotels spread across many separate buildings in the estate and surrounding grounds. The hotel runs on a very old CCTV system installed utilising analogue coax cabling infrastructure.


    The client wished to upgrade their CCTV system with the latest IP Megapixel cameras but with the minimum amount of disruption to guests during the day and evening, meaning that we had to utilise the existing cabling infrastructure.

    There were a number of technical challenges that we faced during the design and installation of the system such as, a number of cameras which were not functioning properly. Therefore it was not possible to deduce at the outset if and which existing camera cables would need to be replaced.

    Numerous tests had to be carried out virtually to not interfere with the hotel’s daily operations.


    We had agreed to install the new CCTV system with the minimum amount of disturbance to the guests at this very exclusive hotel. By utilising the existing cabling infrastructure the installation of the CCTV system would be greatly reduced and we would not need to install new cables across the complete hotel.

    We needed to ensure all cables were of use and in good condition and after testing and discovering how we could include them in our system, a system design could begin. By testing many different manufacturer’s cameras and transmission devices with the recording system, we made sure all equipment was compatible. We then tested each and every camera position virtually at our offices, allowing us to test the complete CCTV system. We had eventually managed to design a CCTV system that we could then install very quickly and quietly at the hotel.



    Monatrix designed and installed a completely bespoke system into the hotel as per the clients request, with virtually no disturbance to the guests. The hotel now has a sleek, modern and highly specified megapixel camera system, in which the head office can remotely access as and when required. The hotel has a hugely improved the security and safety of the guests, its employees, and the property.


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