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LPG supplier, Flogas approached Monatrix to install perimeter securing measures to their site in Bristol. Initially, the customer’s intention was for the systems to be installed individually, however, Monatrix proposed a fully integrated security system, complete with out of hours monitoring by an ARC.


    Researching and identifying the correct equipment that would be
    suitably compatible, and within the client’s budget.

    Installing the infrastructure to ensure all of the systems could communicate with each other effectively and accurately. Including networked and analogue systems communicating with each other, and then verifying that the infrastructure allows each part of the system to react automatically, according to the ‘Cause and Effect’ specification design or any instruction from the monitoring station.

    The monitoring station was based externally, this meant that any actions required by the site needed to be completed in a timely manner for security purposes.

    Programming security management software on a dedicated PC with a graphical user interface that showed and could operate all systems simultaneously.


    The project resulted in a fully functioning security solutions for the customer, which enabled them to secure the perimeter and building successfully against intruders.

    This included the integrity monitored perimeter protection and internal intruder alarm, if an individual tried to enter the site, the intruder detection alarm would trigger and communication with the adjacent camera to focus on the individual, a notification would then be sent to the external monitoring station, which allows the ARC to verbally warn off the intruder.

    If this does not deter the intruder, a full lockdown of the building would occur and the ARC monitoring station would contact the relevant authorities.



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