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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK’s largest Armed Forces charity, Royal British Legion, required a modern, flexible remote access control system for their pop-in stores, complete with intruder detection to allow for the remaining part of the office to be sublet.


    Monatrix needed to find a solution that allowed trade persons and guests to access the building remotely, via the guest pass. The existing system was a mechanical deadbolt that need to be locked via a key at night. Meaning trade persons and guests would not be able to access the site during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns to carry out work.

    The other key issue that this site had was down to the lack of integration. The existing access control was the mechanical deadbolt and the intruder detection could obviously not integrate with this solution. By using an existing Intruder alarm, tradespeople and guests would have been required to know the alarm code, yet this is not safe and Monatrix and RBL did not consider that as a suitable option moving forward. Monatrix needed to find a suitable intruder panel that seamlessly integrated with the access control system.


    Monatrix worked closely with the client to install a flexible remote access control system. It was decided that the best system for the client’s requirements were Monatrix Partner – Openpath. The Openpath system allows for a remote token sent via email to approved guests, which supplies a guest pass based on the predetermined parameters set by the facilities manager and integrates with a range of intruder detection systems and CCTV systems.


    The Royal British Legion sites now have a contact-free, flexible and integrated access control solution, which is now being implemented at RBL sites across the UK.


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