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An energy solutions provider instructed Monatrix to design and install a fully integrated security system at their office’s that are not running 24 hours a day. The new system would remove the need for an onsite security guard when the site is inoperative, and allow the site to be monitored and controlled by their head office.


    One of the key challenges Monatrix faced was to confirm that the network was large enough so that when multiple buildings needed to be viewed and operated at the same, this could happen. Research went into the amount of data each system could potentially use when being operated and how the systems needed to be communicated with, in order to perform the varying integrated functionalities it would be required to.

    Another key challenge was in ensuring that the system covered all foreseeable eventualities and potential disasters. For example, if a fire broke out, Monatrix had to ensure that the fire service could access the site. Due to the systems being wired, there was a potential for cabling to be damaged and communication between the systems lost. Monatrix researched and tested different measures, including opening the gates with a bespoke design on a 4G network.


    Monatrix designed and installed a new system that allowed the customer to set and unset the system with the flexibility to individually control detection devices. The operators had the flexibility to communicate with the onsite intercoms and could control access through car park barriers and doors from the Berkshire site. They were alerted if an intruder was detected and able to audibly challenge individuals.



    The customer is able to secure the building and operate all systems locally and remotely so that the building is secure against intruders. Due to the successful implementation of the system, Monatrix were able to complete the same design across certain sites, reducing man-guarding costs, without compromising employee safety.



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